In the process of looking for a publisher I consulted with a dozen literary agents. Their consensus was that this book should be split into two or more books, "you cover too many topics, why don't you expand your 12 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism and make that a book?" While I have included everything you need to know to create the perfect body, that is not my purpose in writing this book. The reason I wrote this book was to put every aspect of health into one book. The body, mind and spirit are intimately connected, when one is not well the others suffer.

I first learned about physical health in school. This was my focus for over ten years of college, university and medical school training. Then, in the "school of life" I learned about the importance of emotional and spiritual wellness.

Gerald Kushel, EdD, was interviewed by the staff of Bottom Line/Personal, (my favorite newsletter). He studied 1,200 people&emdash;lawyers, artists, blue collar workers, teachers and students. All of them seemed to have successful careers. What he found was:

It is the purpose of the first half of this book to give you the emotional and spiritual skills to create happiness in your lives. I teach you how to find your purpose and set goals that are in alignment with your purpose. Someone once said that happiness is the gradual realization of a worthy goal.

Having studied the religions of the world, I have come to appreciate the beauty of each one as a tool for teaching spirituality. I reject the negative teachings of religion and embrace the positives. The greatest impact on my writing has come from many other great authors and speakers quoted throughout this book. To the best of my present ability, I have included all the major concepts necessary for us to increase our spirituality. I have written this book as much for me as I have for you.

Knowledge by itself is not enough, it takes constant practice here in our classroom, Earth. Pat Pearson once told a story about flying home from giving a speech; when the man sitting next to him learned he was a motivational speaker he said, "Aaah, that motivational stuff doesn't last. You get yourself all pumped up for a while and then it wears off." A passing flight attendant overheard him and said, "Well, a bath doesn't last either, but it's still a good idea." Pat goes on to say, "If you think about it, food doesn't last either. Exercise doesn't last. Everything in life needs to be renewed and nurtured, We feel hungry, we eat, we feel full, and in due time we get hungry again." This book is "manna," spiritual food. Eat some every day to nourish your spirit.

If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home,

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.

-Chinese Proverb

"You didn't think when you woke up this morning that this would be the day your life would change did you? But it's going to happen because the only thing that stands between you and grand success in living are these two things: Getting started and never quitting! You can solve your biggest problem by getting started, right here and now."

-Robert H. Schuller

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