Right now....

-somebody is thinking of you.

-somebody is caring about you.

-somebody misses you.

-somebody wants to talk to you.

-somebody hopes you aren't in trouble.

-somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.

-somebody wants to hold your hand.

-somebody is praying for you.

-somebody wants you to be happy.

-somebody wants you to find him/her.

-somebody is celebrating your successes.

-somebody wants to give you a gift.

-somebody thinks that you ARE a gift.

-somebody wants to hug you.

-somebody admires your strength.

-somebody is thinking of you and smiling.

-somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.

-somebody wants to go out with you and have fun.

-somebody thinks the world of you.

-somebody wants to kiss you.

-somebody wants to protect you.

-somebody would do anything for you.

-somebody is grateful for your forgiveness.

-somebody wants to laugh with you all night long about old times.

-somebody remembers you fondly.

-somebody values your advice.

-somebody wants to tell you how much they care.

-somebody thinks they shared a past life with you.

-somebody wants to share their dreams with you.

-somebody wants to hold you in their arms.

-somebody wants YOU to hold them in your arms.

-somebody treasures your spirit.

-somebody wishes they could suspend time with you.

-somebody praises God for your friendship and love.

-somebody can't wait to see you.

-somebody loves you for who you are.

-somebody loves the way you make them feel.

-somebody wants to be with you.

-somebody is hoping they can grow old with you.

-somebody wants to be you to know they are there for you.

-somebody's glad that you're his/her friend.

-somebody wants to be your friend.

-somebody stayed up all night thinking about you.

-somebody is very remorseful after losing your friendship.

-somebody is "hankering" for you.

-somebody is wishing that you noticed him/her.

-somebody wants to get to know you better.

-somebody believes that you are his/her soul mate.

-somebody wants to be near you.

-somebody misses your advice/guidance.

-somebody has faith in you.

-somebody trusts you.

-somebody needs your support.

-somebody has faith in you.

-somebody needs you to have faith in them.

-somebody needs you to let them be your friend .

-somebody sees who you are on the inside.

-somebody doesn't know the words to show you how much they care.

-somebody needs you to send them this letter.

-somebody will cry when they read this letter.


-somebody loves you!



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