Foods to Heal and Rejuvenate the Body

5--10 servings of vegetables with one being cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc.)

5 or more servings of fruit (eaten between meals, not with other foods) one tomato or equivalent (tomato juice or sundried tomatoes). Start the day with fresh squeezed or pasteurized grapefruit juice (if you need more sweetness add tangerine or orange juice)

1 serving of a legume (beans, peas, lentils or tofu)

Whole grains in breads and cereals (a high percentage of people are sensitive to wheat and it may depress the brain and make allergies worse)

Avoid all fats and oils except unrefined cold pressed oils such as:

Olive oil (extra virgin) for cooking or dipping bread in.

Canola oil may be OK.

1 serving of almonds or walnuts (4 oz.)

4 Tablespoons of Fortified Flax or home ground flax seed (do not heat either one hotter than boiling water)

Replace dairy (including non-fat dairy) with nut milk or soymilk ( I prefer Edensoy fortified.)

Avoid: all processed foods especially those with partially hydrogenated oils. Meat can be replaced with 3 servings per week of deep sea fish (poached or grilled, never battered or breaded).

Eat 9 or more small meals per day