What Was The First Gift Of Christmas?


Was it Santa, St. Nick, presenting a small wooden toy to a child?

Was it the thought of giving to another? And bringing them Joy?

Was it Love, of one, to another in a simple gesture?

Was it birth? The gift of Life? And the honor of presenting a new child to the earth? What was the first gift?

And what is your intention behind each gift you give? Is it guilt? Or pay backs? Is it obligation? Is it generosity? Is it "a have to," "a must," a regret? Or a joy? A celebration? Something from your heart . . . to make another heart sing? Was it Love?

Was it Love... was that your first gift of thought?

Is it Love that motivates you through your life . . . or obligations? Where is the gift to yourself in your generous giving?

Do you know it is not the diamonds a wife wants, but the smile in the eye of recognition from her husband?

Do you know it is time that the child of yours wants? Not time away from them searching out a "perfect," "latest," "hottest," most popular gift. Children value you as a person . . . not for what you "bring" them.

As with all gifts of your life . . . present yourself first . . . for what family cherishes a large empty home with you gone?

What loneliness echos in the halls, of the house of your goal, and your family walks through it silently without your presence to laugh with?

What was your first thought of a gift for them on Christmas morning? And what would it be now?

Do not let a paycheck represent who you are to your family . . . for you will live to regret it, as they already do . . . for that devalues who you and they are.

On this day of birth, of starting new . . . of sharing the joy of potential in all new lives, be reborn in spirit and awareness . . . and Love . . . for if one child grew to Love mankind, the same power is within you to share with those in your life.

Open to the possibility that your Love is the greatest Christmas gift ever to be received. Amen.

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