Preventing Disease of the Feminine Organs


Wellness is the natural state of the body, mind and spirit when there is balance. We are only as healthy as our weakest link; the weak link may be physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. When consulting with clients as a personal wellness coach I interview them to discover where the healing needs to begin. Beginning with the body is the simplest. Healing foods are fresh and come from one of five food groups: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes (beans, peas and lentils) and nuts & seeds. If the food is not from one of these groups or is highly processed or subjected to high heat it is not healing. To promote healing eat the following every day:


Vegetables--five to ten servings of vegetables (half or more raw). Make sure you get one serving of a cruciferous vegetable everyday (broccoli, cabbage etc.)


Fruit--start your day with fruit e.g. fresh squeezed red grapefruit and eat fruit between meals get a variety of berries at least every other day frozen is OK. Don't forget to get a serving of a tomato product everyday.


Whole grains--avoid wheat unless fully sprouted. Sprouted grains are the most nutritious. Sweet potatoes and yams may be included here.


Legumes--get at least one serving of a soy product like tofu everyday because soy has genistein and isoflavones that are extremely beneficial to feminine and masculine organs.


Nuts & Seeds--These are high in minerals and healthy fats necessary for healthy hormone levels and proper nervous system functioning. Get at least two tablespoons of ground flax seed and six almonds every day.



If you are not eating all healthy foods, are healing or under stress then consider taking the following:


Magnesium 200-1000mg spread out in three or more doses. Magnesium works best in multiple forms. I take magnesium aspartate in the morning and a magnesium citrate in the afternoon.


Calcium 1000mg in an absorbable form (citrate, gluconate or chelate)


Colloidal minerals without the heavy metals


B-vitamins--Take 25-50mgs. of vitamin B6 along with the rest of the B-vitamins twice a day.


Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 1 gram three times a day.


Natural vitamin E 400I.U.


Gamma linolenic acid--an essential fatty acid that is in borage oil, black current seed oil or primrose oil.


Spices--I take and recommend ginger two capsules three times a day. Other great spices are turmeric, oregano, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, sage, thyme, black pepper, basil, cilantro and red peppers.


HERBS--alfalfa, kelp, astragulus, garlic, red clover, dong quai, burdock root, Siberian ginseng, blue cohosh. To strengthen the liver to metabolize estrogen take milk thistle and dandelion root


Avoid--animal products except fish, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, excess salt and sugar.


Hormones--natural progesterone apply to the skin for absorption.


Reflexology--massage spots on feet just behind and below ankle both sides for 15 seconds twice a day.


Visualization--visualize the female organs functioning in a healthy proper way for 10 minutes everyday.


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