Hi Cynthia. Thought I’d send a couple of pics of Bella of the Ball (Stella).
She is great. She loves to sit on my lap for loving. We nicknamed her the Spaz because she is very energetic. She loves to carry her toys in her mouth as she walks around the house, then she drops it at my feet so I can throw it.
Her purr is so loud you can hear it across the room with the TV on. LOL
Thank you again for such a sweet kitten. She is so loving.

R. March, Louisville, KY



Ok well, I guess I would say we are a family of 5 who purchased Teddi in 2014 and she is a Blue Mitted beauty. She has the best temperament of any breed of cat we have ever had. She loves people and dogs and other cats, she gets groomed every 3 months with no fuss, she is extremely smart and still playful. We love her and would never get a different breed again.

Heather from Cincinnati



"Noodles" at his new home wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas".





One of our adopted Kittens in his new home



Hi, Cynthia!
I hope you still remember me! My name is Xin,
and I adopted Leo from you a year ago. Leo is a big boy now!
I'm great, and thank you! Leo is awesome, he is my sweet boy!
Always asking treats from me. Thank you for letting me adopt Leo,
he is the greatest thing in my life!

Highland, Indiana



Thank you so much for this beautiful baby. She is a GOD send. She has brought so much joy to us. The way you love and take care of your litters show. You are truly the best breeder I have ever worked with and will be a customer for life. THANK YOU

Chloe in CT



The fact that Dr. Bailey's office handles the contract and the transaction was what really sealed the deal for us. The Internet can be terrifying these days, and that was really reassuring for us.




Adorablerags "Blue Point Bicolor Male Ragdoll Cat"

Meet my cat Blue. He is an amazing 2 1/2 year old Ragdoll.
His personality is one of a kind, and everyone who meets him is in awe of his beauty. Blue is a joy to own and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Ragdolls from Adorablerags Ragdolls are truly extraordinary cats!

Cindy Parsons
Russell, Ky



This is Halle Berry, now Autumn

I thought you might like an update.
She turned 6 at the end of August.
Autumn is very sweet. When I wake up in the morning,
she likes to cuddle a little before starting the day.
Autumn has never had any health problems.
She had her teeth cleaned in February, that was all she needed.
I love Autumn very much, and I'm grateful to have her.

Cynthia Cato
(Friday, 16 October 2015)




My name is Susan and I would like everyone to meet Tiki… who lives with my husband and me in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tiki was born in October 2008 at my friend’s home who breeds Ragdolls in Ashland Kentucky’s Adorablerags Ragdoll home. She is very nice and the cats all live in her home.

He was such a beautiful kitten. As Tiki grew, he loved to be with people. Brushing him was so easy. He loved the water also and would sit in the sink to be bathed. Tiki never minded his nails being clipped and was easy to brush. He has fur that does not matt and is very soft like the traditional Ragdoll. Meeting people was so easy for Tiki and that helped him to be able to place in every show and became a Grand Champion Premiere in TICA.
After Tiki became a champion, he was bred and had several kittens, a few which also became champions. When Tiki turned 3, it was time to‎ for him to find a forever home to just be loved and relax in the sun. I thought since he was such a calm boy, he could live with other foster cats that lived in my home.

When we brought Tiki home he was unlike any adult cat I ever met. We put him in a safe room, till he got to know us. He never hid or was afraid.

Every day he just walked up and gave us a nudge. It wasn’t even a week and he met our other cats and dogs. He loved us and my family. He also was very sweet to several foster kittens and cats that lived in our home.

My mom lived with us, and Tiki liked to sleep with her in her chair and at night. He loved my grandkids when they came to visit. My grandson would put a harness on him. He taught him to ride in a stroller around the inside of the house. Eventually he began to ride him outside in the cat stroller. My grandson took him to C.F.A. He won ribbons in the pet category.

When my mother had to go to the nursing home a few years ago she was lonely for Tiki. My mom missed Tiki so much; we decided to take him to see her. Tiki rode in the stroller when he took walks, so we put him in the stroller for the visit. He was so popular with all the residents. Tiki was sitting on my mom’s lap. Everyone would come over to pet him and hold him… Eventually Tiki would sit on everyone’s lap and lay on the table to be petted by people who can’t hold him.

Today Tiki still goes to the nursing home, has visited the hospital and takes walks in the stroller. My friend no longer has Tiki’s color line; his last son was also neutered and is in a loving home. We are so glad that Tiki is with us, we never could have found a more relaxed, sweet cat than our boy Tiki who brings joy to everyone.