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Adorablerags Ragdoll Cattery
Exclusively Traditional Lines
(DNA Tested HCM Negative)

Member of:
Ragdolls International, Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club, Ragdoll Fanciers Club International
and Ragdolls of America Group

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We are so pleased you chose to take a closer look at Adorablerags Ragdolls.

We are Dr. Brian and Cynthia Bailey, owners and operators of
Adorablerags Ragdoll Cattery,
located in northeastern Kentucky in the quaint town of Ashland.

We are a TICA “Outstanding Cattery” and a CFA “Cattery of Excellence.”
We work with our local veterinarians, who visit our cattery to complete an inspection each year to maintain this status.

We continually strive to better the Ragdoll breed, developing the best of health and conformance with the Breed Standard in our Ragdolls,
by attending educational seminars while participating in TICA
(The International Cat Association)
showing our Ragdolls throughout the USA.

We are one of just thirty-eight Ragdoll catteries in the world listed with TICA in the USA
who have signed the Ethics Agreement.

Adorablerags Ragdoll Cattery is an unpretentious cattery, registered with TICA, CFA, Ragdolls International, Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club, Ragdoll Fanciers Club International and Ragdolls of America Group.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Breed Standard for the
Ragdoll Cat, and the continuous improvement of
health through genetic analysis.
What we're really saying is that our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful Ragdoll Cats that we can share with you.

We became Ragdoll Cat fanciers ourselves in 1997. It was after much research on the Internet that we decided to contact Ragdoll breeders
to see for ourselves the attraction to this special breed.
We purchased our first Ragdoll Cat in southern California in 1997
whom we named Jacquelyn.

Needless to say, we were immediately hooked and have continued
adopting our Ragdoll family, working hard to build a breeding program by selecting cats with pedigrees that we believe will lead us to achieving our standards for health and beauty. The selection process has been challenging, and we are grateful for the support we've received from other breeders that share our vision.

Ragdoll Cats are big, fluffy, affectionate pets. They are wonderful companions, sweet-natured and intelligent. They follow you,
and stay sweet after they grow up. They love you back.

There is immense personal satisfaction we receive from this endeavor,
in meeting new friends and in giving and sharing with them the joy,
happiness, warmth and affection of a Ragdoll Cat.
Sharing our Ragdolls with others is a way of uniting folks
who would otherwise not meet.

We truly appreciate your choosing Adorablerags Ragdoll Cattery,
and thank you for allowing us to assist you in adopting a special
Ragdoll baby for you to love.

For more information about our sweet Ragdoll kittens,
please text or call us at (606) 831-9284

For inquiries about the availability of specific kittens/cats
please fill out and submit our Contact Form

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